Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ain't it grand?

Technology has been gettin' a load of soccer (and vice versa) lately, and tonight represents the next step into the future. Major League Soccer All-Star Game viewers will be able to follow along live with all the detailed miCoach player readings on the system's Facebook page.

- Greg Seltzer


Tom said...

Dude, that's crazy. We live in the future.

Tom said...

Well, maybe not so much. That rollout could have gone *just* a little better.

WilkersonMclaser said...

Greg, question: I thought Demerit played spectacularly last night, and it made me wonder about his departure from the Barclays to Vancouver. A lot of folks, including the good fellas at The Shin Guardian, have said that Jay came back largely because he couldn't find any takers in Europe (this was in connection to the talk about Boca coming back to MLS with no other options, though that seems to not be the case).

Do you think you could shed some light on this? On its face, that notion seems extraordinary: that an ex-prem captain coming off a strong WC showing couldn't find a gig in a decent European league. It's hard for me to believe, but is it the truth?

Greg Seltzer said...

No, he had a few interested parties, just perhaps not the ones he wanted.

And maybe he just wanted to come back to MLS. Frankly, I find the typical American soccer nut to be overly cynical, always assuming the worst - like if DeMerit comes back to MLS, it's only because he has nowhere else to go. Most of the time, this sort of mindset emits wrong suspicions.

WilkersonMclaser said...

Thanks. I had the same sense -- it just seemed unbelievable. Not that Demerit is the best CB ever (... or is he!?), but I can think of many teams in the BPL that could use someone like him even right now.

I don't suppose you could toss out a couple of crumbs and disclose a suitor or two that may have come close?

Also, did you guys see the piece about Donovan saying how much EJ has improved? I haven't been following his Seattle games much, admittedly, but the deflection goal aside, I didn't really see much of it last night. Unduly harsh?