Thursday, July 5, 2012

BNN - Breaking Snooze

I'm not sure how many of you understand how things work in Italy, but the operative word is "slowly" - you don't get sauce in 20 minutes. This is my delicate way of telling you that final bow is not yet on the Michael Bradley-to-Roma package.

I'm told the other loan destination preferences of both Leandro Greco and second Chievo choice Matteo Brighi are forcing the clubs' agreement-makers to earn their keep. Please don't be concerned, this should get done. It may not be tonight, but the clubs are still trying as I type this.

On an unrelated transfer-y note, I made a kooky error on the Ricardo Clark note the other day. I'm not totally sure how I got into thinking his Stabæk loan ended with June - especially since I originally reported it as July 31st. Maybe I was tired from the concert, who knows?

Seeing as he played for them in tonight's Europa League first qualifying round loss (highlights), obviously he isn't gone yet and it should say he will return to Eintracht Frankfurt after July. Sorry about that one.

- Greg Seltzer


Lampard in the End Zone said...

For all the goodies we get, Greg, we can overlook such minor details.

How far along, if at all, is Cameron to Stoke?

RM said...

yeah, what happened to Cameron?