Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Freakin' and Geekin' (updated)

I know I've been scarce lately, but I haven't forgotten about you all. I'm actually down at Urban Dance Camp getting myself prepared to dance with Poreotics this afternoon. Yeah, you read that correctly. My new pal Lawrence (front and center above) talked me into it, so I am staying an extra day just to do this. And though I'm beyond nervous right now, I promise one eye is still on the happenings back in our little soccer world and tomorrow's Postcard From Europe at MLSS will be Charlie Davies.

Deep breath, Greg... it's time to smash the routine. With Poreotics. My life is a trip.

: I had travel internet issues, so the Charlie Davies Postcard has been moved back.

- Greg Seltzer


Brian said...

Are you practicing at Tobias Is Queen Mary?

Greg Seltzer said...

We will be doing popping, not vogue-ing. :D

WilkersonMclaser said...

must... have ... dempsey crumbs ... please!!