Thursday, July 5, 2012

MLS news and notes

Couple tidbits from MLS this fine Thursday to pry you away from your rapturous Michael Bradley appetite, which I'd hope NSC satisfied in one way or the other this week. Glad to welcome any and all takers for the Roma train at this station.

— DPs are on the move this week as Alessandro Nesta beds down in Montreal (though his deal looks like it'll end up being non-DP), Oscar Garcia is now practicing with his Houston teammates and today New England announced that Jerry Bengtson is headed to the northeast. You all know how I feel about Nesta, but Honduran national teammates Garcia and Bengtson are both good gets, Bengtson especially. He's won a pair of scoring crowns in the Honduran league with the Cocoteros and has been as dangerous as any forward in Honduras. For a New England team that's already hit gold on a transfer this year in Saer Sene, this has to feel like a Christmas gift in July for beleaguered Revs fans.

— LA fans got another kick to the jewels on Wednesday, and surprisingly it wasn't Chivas doing the booting. The Galaxy went down 1-0 to Philly early on a pretty back heel from Jack McInerney only to equalize through Chad Barrett's first of the year. Then, in the fifth minute of second-half stoppage time, Lionard Pajoy's brilliant back heel set up Michael Farfan for a goal he airbrushed into the far netting. This came just days after San Jose slapped LA with three straight goals for a stunning 4-3 result that stands as the game of the year to this point. Grasp at those straws, Galaxy fans.

MLS is gaining steam as a popular way station for youngsters looking to vault to the next level. The league, in summation, will take it. For now.

Power rankings and mid-season awards and bears... oh my.

— Not long after San Jose triumphantly came back from two goals down to finish off the hated Galaxy, they laid an egg against struggling Portland in a 2-1 loss on Tuesday. Did not see that coming, though the Quakes were unlucky not to get the tying goal in the late stages after bossing play. I have a question for you: Has any MLS result this entire year genuinely surprised you? I can't say I've been shocked by anything since TFC upset the Galaxy in the CCL. And even that, given the benefit of what we know now, looks increasingly less shocking by the hour.

- Will Parchman


fscat said...

don't know if the 'Cocoteros' part was a joke or not, but for clarification it is "Catrachos". Which is the nickname for Hondurans, like Yanks for Americans.

Will Parchman said...

It was a reference to CDS Vida, the Honduran side with which Bengtson won those scoring titles. Vida's nickname is the Cocoteros.

RobUsry said...

Wait this isn't a Michael Bradley post. :)

Really impressed by Michael Farfan last night. Would love to see him get an invite to Camp Cupcake in January.

dikranovich said...

How about fc Dallas, winless in the league since April. I'm not sure if that is surprising or funny.

Will Parchman said...

FCD is a sad case. An unholy amount of injuries have scuttled what should have been a very good team, though that winless streak is still surprising. The good news of course is that Ferreira is more or less back and so is Villar. The bad news is that neither George John nor Ugo Ihemelu can say the same. It tends to be one thing or the other with this club since that fateful MLS Cup loss.