Friday, July 6, 2012

The technology era begins

At times I get the sense that Sepp Blatter and his FIFA cronies genuinely feel like Biff & Co. from the Back to the Future movies, spraying out unintelligent missives to the growing cacophony clamoring for goal line technology. I can't see any possible reason to hinder its growth, but then FIFA has always been obstinately opposed to voting in favor of its own interests. Buncha bullies. Why should things change now?

The beauty of the matter is the hue and cry finally reached such loud proportions that FIFA had no choice but to capitulate. Thus we have the introduction of HawkEye and GoalRef.

It's not a total fix, but it's a start. The technology will fix ghost goals, or those goals like Frank Lampard's from the 2010 WC that bounce in and out. HawkEye lenses will be embedded within the goalposts while GoalRef works like an invisible curtain surrounding the goalmouth. It senses penetration and reports it back to the ref. A double whammy like that is almost foolproof. I have no doubt, however, that Koman Coulibaly can screw it up somehow.

Anyway, we could still use some sort of fix for the bundles of offside mess-ups we get per game. I have no idea how feasible this really is, but I do like the idea proposed by Gizmodo's Jesus Diaz. Even if it kind of has a 1984 feel to it.

They only need to incorporate location microchips into players' boots and the ball. It doesn't have to be GPS. It could work locally, with a computer triangulating the position of players and balls using receptors placed around the field. It's not science-fiction technology. It can be easily done and it's not expensive for a sport that generates more money than any other in the world.

- Will Parchman

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