Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ajax 2-2 Jozy FT (updated)

A brace from Altidore was good for a point at the ArenA. He had the equalizer and the go-ahead in the 48th and 50th minutes to give the Cheese Farmers an opening-day draw against the defending champs.

: Catch the Man of the Match's post-game interview here.

His first came after he collected a long diagonal ball down the left, beat Toby Alderweireld off the dribble, held off Gregory Van Der Wiel and shelfed his shot from the six like it was his job.


Ajax 1-1 AZ Alkmaar by simaotvgolo12

His second came from some slick combination play. Side-heeling a one-two before, Altidore then drove into the box and beat Kenneth Vermeer high to the near post.

Ajax 1-2 AZ Alkmaar by simaotvgolo12

- Jacob Klinger


Joshua said...

A couple things here:

1st: I think it IS his job...ha
2nd: That was some serious finishing from Jozy, and on both goals. I don't know that I've seen that kind of kind of world class placement from Jozy before.
3rd: That is some great skill from both of those goals to beat the defenders
4th: That is some serious power shrugging off van der wiel like he was a rag doll on the 1st goal. Some BPL clubs will be happy to see that video
5th and Final: Can we get a season goal haul prediction from you Mr. Seltzer?

Thank you and good day

Tony M said...

Considering I had Jozy down for 25 goals last year, yeah, I'm a fan and a big believer in him. But those were a whole other level from him.

dallen said...

That poor Ajax defender. He's gonna be sore tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Weve seen this kind of finshing before. What impressed me is how he pulled that ball down on the first goal with a defender right on him!

heythisisrobbie said...

Wow. That is all.

Tom said...

That's a tall reporter. Or Josmer is standing in a pit.

Greg Seltzer said...

The Dutch are the tallest people on Earth on average. And yeah, that reporter is Big Bird-esque.

LReszetar said...

Over under on when we'll see the first Jozy/A-Team "Shut Up Fool" banner/t-shirt?

I'm going two weeks.

Unknown said...

The sooner the better! I'd buy one.