Friday, August 31, 2012

Extra Time: Josh Gatt

I know you're all distracted by other things, but perhaps a distraction for your distractions? You know the drill, here was the OG.

On switching focus after falling out of the Champions League in harsh circumstances:

"We were a PK away from moving on in the Champions League and that was hard to take for everyone. By winning last week 2-0 in the first leg against Heerenveen, we put ourselves in an excellent position to move into the group stage, so the disappointment of getting knocked out of the Champions League has been replaced with much excitement for the possibility of a fall full of games in Europe."

On the influence of manager Ole Gunnar Solskjær:  
"I have only been a professional for a little over two years, but I can say honestly that Ole is the best manager for me at this stage of my career. I could always run fast and loved to attack, but what he has taught me about the tactics of the game, about the importance of playing defense and about the basic technical aspects of the game like shooting, quick turns and when to attack and when to possess."

On the keys to Molde's success:

"We play a possession game with an emphasis on the counterattack. If we keep our compact defensive alignment and limit the opponents chances, we will off of that alignment create opportunities to counterattack. I was told that 70% of our goals come off the counter attack. We have some great passing defenders and central midfielders. We also have a lot of speed on top." 

- Greg Seltzer

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