Wednesday, August 8, 2012

On Tap: US Open Cup final

Heartland vs. the Pac Northwest. Get. Ready. My gripe about the Sporting KC-Seattle final tonight? The most prominent TV station to dive after the game was GolTV. I don't have GolTV. My local pub will not play GolTV because my city is a post-apocalyptic wasteland. FOX Soccer, where the hell you at? Are you just giving up now?

Among Sigi's strange conspiracy theories is that somehow MLS doesn't want to see Seattle win this game and that yes, they actually have had a difficult go of it in their recent unbeaten run in USOC play. Neither is true. The Sounders have played four USOC matches away from Seattle in four years, and this is their first true road game in the competition in two years. Well, makes it helluva lot easier at home, doesn't it Sigi? It's good to see Seattle have to earn a fourth on the road should it come to that.

To the stuff!

- Eddie Johnson is the pivot point
- Sounders fan in town for the game? ECS has you covered
- SE4TTLE? (That tore my soul a little to write)
- A formal preview

- Will Parchman


Matt said...

One of the more interesting things I've seen this week was the blog post on showing how much MLS ratings have gone up since the move to NBCi. It's really encouraging.

I wonder if there will be a similar boost in interest in the US Open cup.

Jason Davis said...
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