Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Oh, those silly UK tabloids. Once again, they are falling all over themselves insisting that AS Roma are after Clint Dempsey, if not also set to win the race. So I checked again. And once again, I can tell you all for certain that Roma is NOT in the Dempsey race. At all.

Also, I can confirm that this Goal story from yesterday is half-correct. Yes, it was Fulham that decided Deuce should not travel on their preseason trip to Switzerland. But no, as I said last week, Dempsey did not beg out of the trip. That oft-reported tidbit is not true.

- Greg Seltzer


Soccertes said...

Thanks for the continuing info on the Deuce story, Greg. This is interesting - had Demspey in fact begged off, I would have assumed, safely I think, that he would not have done so without good information or reason to believe that it would benefit his supposedly imminent move (it's the kind of thing a player wouldn't or shouldn't do without consultation and reassurance with his agent, I would think).

As for said imminent move - how live is this situation after all? The fact that Dempsey hasn't moved yet shows that no club thinks he's worth FFC's 10 million quid valuation (I just wanted to say "quid"). If Liverpool still has him at least on their minds, I think it's obvious they're waiting as long as possible to seeif (a) his value will come down toward the close of the window and/or (b)
they sell additional players (like Agger?) to help finance a purchase.

Whatever the situation, I really want this story to end, already.

WilkersonMclaser said...

Yeah, I'm getting pretty tired of this being so tentative like a hanging chad.

With all the media kerfuffle, I feel like it would almost be a shame if Clint ends up just staying at Fulham, as it seems to broadcast a really weird message about how the EPL market values this demonstrably awesome player who also happens to be a yank. That aside, I'd sooner he stay at Fulham than join the Reds.

What a frustrating ordeal.

Soccertes said...

Agreed - take RVP, for instance. I'm not saying that Clint is on his level - he's not. But the situation exposes some interesting thinking among EPL teams on the "age" issue. Clint's age (29.5) is the most-cited negative in justifying teams' reluctance to sign him or to accept FFC's valuation. Yet RVP is only 5 months younger and would probably go for at least $30 million pounds (I think Arsenal values him much higher, though I could be wrong). Again, Clint is no RVP - but he was 4th in scoring in the league behind him. How does that gap plus a 5 month age difference support a 4x valuation? I generally loathe yanks whining about anti-american bias on the euro leagues, but it's getting tougher not to agree in situations like this.

Phil McCracken said...

I don't think that Fulham's valuation of him goes down much as we get closer to the deadline.

Keeping him gives Fulham a better chance to finish a few spots higher in the standings which will pay them roughly the same amount that a club like Liverpool would supposedly pay them in a transfer deal. Plus, it's not like Al-Fayed needs any more money in his pocket. He probably spends more on shirts in a year.

Soccertes (love the name) - Did you read David Conn's book? All Dutch players are overvalued.

Unknown said...

It would be a shame for Clint to stay at Fulham I think. He needs to have a chance at a larger club with more ambition, and it sounds like they've pretty much written him off as leaving; they're just being tightwads and trying to get an overvalued amount of money just like all the other clubs are. *coughManchesterCity* I have the distinct feeling Fulham is going to get desperate and negotiate a lower price.

J.D. Springer said...

There are some similarities to Dempsey/Fulham and Orlando Magic/Dwight Howard, but without the NBA's crazy salary-cap restrictions. Both are players who've expressed their strong desire to play for a more ambitious team, and both will be free agents/free transfers after the coming season. Both clubs are walking the tightrope between trying to get what they think is fair value for the player and trying to make sure they get something for the player before he walks. That said, I believe Deuce has handled himself much better (i.e. more professionally) than Howard, but I can understand the frustration of both players.

Soccertes said...

Greg, I know this blog post is old news for you now, but if you happen to be checking back on these comments, is there any truth to this little story from tribalfootball today?

Greg Seltzer said...

While I'd love to answer a bunch of questions you have about this situation, I'm holding my lips shut for now. I know that's unnerving as hell.

Jacob Klinger said...

I don't actually know anything, but let's not forget Liverpool's chase of Joe Allen. He could be a part of this puzzle too.

Soccertes said...

With Allen now signed, let's see what happens. Rodgers did say hd expected as many ad 4 new signings but that it would require certain initial events to set the process in motion. It seems illogical that paying 15 million pounds would be that triggering event. But maybe picking up Dempsey was conditioned on getting their priority in Allen. Or maybe The trigger was selling/offloading Bellamy... Or maybe it's selling Agger, but that seems unlikely given his new tattoo... Or maybe it's trading Charlie Adam, but reports say he doesn't want to leave. Are there no-trade clauses in the Prem?

Or, maybe, this is all rubbish, as the Lymies like to say, and Deuce is destined to stay at perpetually- middling Fulham.