Friday, August 10, 2012

VERY SUPER MEGA-IMPORTANT ZOMG BREAKING NEWS... for people who like Americans Abroad jerseys.

I have been informed that Mikkel Diskerud will wear #42 for Rosenborg. His preferred #21 was taken, so he merely doubled it.

Of course, many of you will think "Gosh, I'd love a Mix Troll Kids shirt!" while assuming it would be an acquisition that's just a bridge too far. Well, do I have news for you... his #42 Rosenborg number should be available for purchase at Phoenix/Scottsdale area shop 42 Saint by early September.

- Greg Seltzer


Harris said...

I always think Jackie Robinson so cool.

dikranovich said...

is that his father? what kind of funny house is that anyway,it looks like something out of willy wonka. the umpa lumpa song is going off in my head.

Greg Seltzer said...

That's the RBK manager. I'd imagine they're in the press room (or something similar) at the stadium.