Sunday, September 23, 2012

An MLS Grinder deferred

I spent most of my weekend in Monroe, Louisiana covering the Baylor-ULM football game (you can read my column from that game here if you're so inclined to seek out the egg-ball variety). Fun game? Yes. Interesting trip? But of course. Did it rob me my ability to blanket-cover MLS? Three-for-three, good chap. To top it off, I had my wedding shower to attend to on Sunday afternoon, with all the family and friends and world-class barbecue involved with that shindig. So there you have it.

So much as I'd like to tell you I took in Bosko's diving header, or saw LA rock Toronto, or that we can all wax poetic about how, somehow, Vancouver has "stopped the rot" despite a 2-2 draw? Can't do it. Plus, you got two Grinders last week. That's like, Christmas in September, right?

Anyway, to stamp in my mea culpa with unchecked aggression, I provide you — nay, lavish you — with videos galore. We dance! Pay special attention to the elevator music on video No. 2. It's 80's sitcom brilliant.

- Will Parchman

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