Thursday, September 6, 2012

Camp Iree

The boys have flown off to Jamaica for tomorrow's World Cup qualifier, so let's check in at camp and then check out Steve Cherundolo life in Hannover (where I will be next weekend).

- Greg Seltzer


JBS said...

Greg, what's your take on BeIN sport having the US away rights? Good news or bad for US fans in the long run?

Greg Seltzer said...

It's funny that you ask... I'll have something related to exactly that tomorrow.

RM said...

I know it is very early, But George John has about 6 games left in his MLS contract. Any idea what type of league he ends up in?

Germany,England and Italy? or one of the low level Scandanavia leagues?

Unknown said...

Dolo, the peoples champion.

Nothing but respect for the Mayor of Hannover.

Cam said...

wasn't Cherundolo on the 2005 gold cup winning squad?

also he did win the 2nd division in germany

he said he's won 0 trophies which was a half joke but seemed half would be cool if hanover could make a run in the europa league or the dfb pokal because i think it means more when guys who are at a single club for a long time win trophies and he just seems like a good guy