Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy FIFA Day

As you all well know, I'm a FIFA nerd. Big time. So today is kind of like a holiday for me and all my nerdy brethren. Sorry, honey. The TV is mine today.

Anyway, MLS got some love in FIFA 13, much more than its ever gotten. The Sounders got the WE HAVE A BIG STADIUM treatment, with Mauro Rosales (77 OVR!) getting the most robust treatment. Good to see Ozzie Alonso (76) and Christian Tiffert (75) also getting bumps. San Jose got a hilarious shaft (Wondo at 68? Bernardez 66? Chavez as the team's best at 69? Heh, okay), and Montreal is suddenly a power with Nesta (82) and Di Vaio (81) placed as MLS' top two ranked players, respectively. Well then. Landon Donovan tied with Di Vaio at 81, while Becks' rating tumbled all the way to 77. Ouch.

As for the USMNT's top boys? Have a look-see yourself. 

A full 18 USMNT players are 70 and above. For somebody like me, who can remember when FIFA ranked maybe a half dozen that high, this is a virtual benchmark for all us nerds, stamping home how far we've come in world respect and pixelated glory. I'll most certainly be tuning Fabian Johnson's woodwork-nailing skills to a 99, should they have included that category this year.

Happy hunting, gents. 

- Will Parchman


Unknown said...

Still boggles my mind that Howard is rated an 81. I think he should be around the 84 mark.

Unknown said...

Can't believe Cameron isn't at least an 74... Right now he's probably our most consistent, and maybe best performer

Cam said...

would it be possible for you to post the entire usmnt ratings?

Jacob Klinger said...


Unknown said...

How do these numbers compare to, say our players 4-5 years ago, just out of curiosity?

Will Parchman said...

A lot worse. I think Bradley was mid-60's not that long ago (though to be fair, he was relatively unknown until recently). To be honest, I think he was the most hard done by in the recent rankings. For one reason or another, players usually get a bump when they head to bigger clubs. I don't think Bradley got much of one.

There are still some prominent shafts. As mentioned, I think Cameron deserves better. Howard, too. But that we're getting this much credit is super. It wasn't THAT long ago that Dempsey was around a 70.

Unknown said...

dempsey scores 17 premier league goals and still isn't considered better than donovan. either the game makers aren't paying attention, or they don't have the backbone to put donovan in his place.

Paul Poenicke said...

Here's a breakdown of FIFA's overall evaluations for the USA and Mexico rosters:

USA starters overall average: 75.27
Mex.starters overall average: 76.45

USA subs overall average: 70.86
Mex. subs overall average: 73.57

USA reserves overall average: 70.8
Mex. reserves overall average:70.25

Results? FIFA 13's stats--a rough, non-objective measurement for certain--give a bit of perspective on the recent "gap talk" concerning the USA-Mexico. Namely, there really isn't much of a gap in talent on the field (or digital pitch), like most of us justifiably believe, when one looks at where players play, how much time they get, the quality of play for club and country, ect.

(Of course, FIFA 13 does not measure the more problematic issues for the USA-Mexico comparison, namely recent international results and youth international results.USA fan has a valid retort to these issues--"newish manager" and "wait and see" come to mind--but this is beyond the scope of my comment, and beyond the limited minds of the idiots who concocted the mantra in Bristol, Connecticut.)

Link to stats for the USA:


Link to stats for Mexico:


*Gripes on FIFA 13 scoring: Dempsey is rated an 81, a point lower than Chicharito. Parkhurst's 64 screws up the USA's reserve average. Slip in a 70 and the US has a two point advantage over Mexico in reserve average. Gooch has been graced with a 75, though.

Paul Poenicke said...

I think Klinsi must be evaluating players for FIFA 13--Edu's overall average is 67, Beckerman scores a 72.