Sunday, September 9, 2012

Out of the Mix

Being as Klinsi seems a bit allergic to playing central midfielders with possession/playmaking capabilities, I am here to provide him some antihistamine. It's a new clip of nearly every goal and assist notched by Mikkel Diskerud for club and country. I say "nearly" because it is missing one Stabaek goal and one Gent assist.

- Greg Seltzer


Nawsk said...

Mix is exactly what this side needs. Some creativity from the middle of the field. We just don't have it right now..

WilkersonMclaser said...

I'd take Feilhaber at this point.

I actually like Beckerman and Jones a lot, but they aren't full-spectrum solutions (neither are Mix or Feilhaber, etc). Some games call for that creative sparkplug and we ought to at least have that option off the bench.

Cathal said...

Feilhaber was great in the WC - not sure why he isn't doing more for club. Then again, Beckerman is starting on this team.

Unknown said...

Why would you want someone that is creative and can play defense like Diskerud when you can have a CDM that has the touch of an elephent and no field awareness in Edu. I will say it again Edu is much better when the play is in front of him hence why he didn't look at of sorts at Cb, but continues to look poopy at CM.

Jones really gets to heated on the field, and his game starts to really suffer the more angry he gets.

I agree I think Diskerud deserves a call-up even if it's to at least have a creative CM element off of the bench. Here's to hoping both Gatt and Diskerud are healthy and get called in for the October WC qualifiers. I like Diskerud much more then Kljestan

Unknown said...

Oh and also why would you want a player Diskerud that has created chances for the US team when you can have a defesively defficient, weak on the ball, and rarely creates offense for the USMNT in Torres.

I am just a little too sarcastic right now.

paul said...

Saw this one posted elsewhere, i'm intrigued by it. Just seems crazy enough to work:

Deuce - Torres - Jones - Gomez
Johnson - Edu - Cameron - Spector

When one of those strikers gets tugged to the corner, there'd be another available.

And some silly part of me wants to see Torres play. It wasn't my first choice, but he's there, and Sacha and Mix aren't. Throw him in.

Also, Specter did well for me the last time he was halfback for the Nats, although I can't remember who the opponent was.

Greg Seltzer said...

The fascination with playing Edu in defense boggles my mind daily. It's beyond ludicrous.

Greg Seltzer said...

Plus, Parkhurst was arguably the best US field player on Friday.

tom said...

A perfectly weighted corner kick, what's so hard about that?

heythisisrobbie said...

Completely agree on Mix. He's exactly what this team needs.

Greg, any word as to what teams outside of Norway were chasing him? I assume they will be in the hunt after the Norweigian season as well?

samuel fehrenbach said...

I'm out the loop, but what's the eta on holden?

Greg Seltzer said...

@ Robbie: There was an offer from a Danish team I suspected to be Odense BK. And from Gent, of course.

@ Samuel: If I recall correctly, Bolton are hoping for some time in October.