Sunday, September 16, 2012

Trick/Treat (updated)

This weekend, I had been brewing up to write a sassy lecture post to all heavy Jozy Altidore critics (and the rude beyond). No need anymore.

While we wait for the full highlight package with his first pro hat trick plus an assist, we may as well go direct to the hero for his thoughts on an amazing day.

UPDATE: Ta-da!

- Greg Seltzer


Wideboy said...

I really hope that he and JK can get on the same page so we see these type of games for the USMNT.

Greg Seltzer said...

I've said it before and I will say it again: the US attack has to catch up to Altidore at this point, not the other way around.

Unknown said...

Very well stated Greg.

jaredlaunius said...

Glad for this. Anyone think Jozy could go Bo Jackson and come play hybrid WR/RB for the Chiefs? Asking for a friend.

Tom said...

Good day at the office for Josmer.

Paul Poenicke said...

Highlights are here:

Jon said...

Good for Jozy!

I personally get sick and tired of all the NT fans hammering Jozy for not being able to do anything with little service and few options. Quit stacking 3 DMids out there and playing with zero width and we'll all most likely see a different Jozy for the NT.

Jozy's only opportunities recently with the NT come when we have little creativity out there and he's on an island by himself, with few options to link up with. What he's doing with AZ is great, as sooner or later people will start realizing it's not so much that Jozy is the problem bu that Jurgen still hasn't found a way to use him correctly, and the pressure should start to mount on Jurgen to get some freakin create mids out there and wings who actually prefer staying wide, instead of Torres pinching in at every opportunity.

Getting to the point where if you have someone scoring like Jozy is with his club, and then looks completely different with the NT with little service on an island, the focus should turn to Jurgens poor tactics and use of him.

Unknown said...

Greg, can you name a more successful 22 year old american ever? Bradley is the only one I think is even in the conversation. Its amazing the hate our two best young players ever have gotten. I'm starting to think the reason the US has produced so few Altidores and Bradleys is because the fans seem to stifle any talent at every opportunity. Our players succeed in spite of their fans instead of being helped along by them.

dylan said...

boner man, Jozy's classy hat trick also made me a little firm today but I think some fans take their influence on players a little too seriously. I think Jozy's improvements technically and tactically since moving to AZ are apparent, and I feel like his ceiling is higher than it was before the move. His experience shows what a move like that can do for a player. Let's hope we see the same from Gatt, etc.

Greg, since I know you read the comments I just want to say thanks for the continued excellent coverage, from Will and Jacob as well. As a writer and avid soccer-internet person, your blog is the first I check and provides the best pound for pound writing everyday. Cheers all.

Tom said...

So I was a MB90 skeptic. I thought he got more chances than a non-coach's kid would have. Clearly the coaching staff is better and talent evaluation (and has access!) than me!

Still, once he showed well consistently, I saw the light with alacrity (I'd like to think).

LReszetar said...

Jozy's third goal demonstrates his development from the 2009 Jozy. In 2009, he would have laid back the pass, paused for a beat, then either gone wide or moved late to the post. 2012 Jozy laid off the pass and immediately broke to the net. For non-soccer fans, it is the equivalent of a QB passing to where the receiver is going, not where he is when the ball is released.
That is intuitive play.

dikranovich said...

maybe it should be noted that this might have been jozys first club hattrick, but he already had a three goal performance to his name, with the us mens team, from three and a half years ago.

jozy can do great things at his club team, but that does not assure he will perform for the national team, which he has not as of late. he was getting pushed around against jamaica, and im sorry, but that is not coach klinsmanns fault, which is not to say that coach cant be at fault for not getting the most out of the attacking prodogy, because he very well could be.

USA better score a bucket load of goals against a and b, and then even more against guatawawa. we will have much more assurance with the field general back in the lineup, but jozy, he needs to step up his game when he puts the national team jersey on, thats an undisputable fact

Greg Seltzer said...

Sorry, guys, I have been fighting off getting sick for some days and I thought I already replied here. =/

@ boner man: I cannot think of one, no. And yes, I agree, it's amazing the amount of venom all of the players get.

@ dylan: Thanks a million for the kind words. I swear, you're gonna make the four of us blush.

And to the rest of you... once again NSC readers show they get it. I love it.