Friday, October 26, 2012

A few things...

Random boast: I now own the t-shirt pictured. Now it doesn't look so strange when I jump at the sudden sight of a mouse...

- I'm not sure if it's the first time (mainly because I'm not sure how long they've been doing this), but it's worth noting that Michael Parkhurst made the fans' UEFA Champions League Team of the Round.

#2 - The large amount of understandable hubbub about a 2016 "Copa Americas" tourney in the States has been quickly cooled by Sunil Gulati.

- Landon Donovan gives a very candid interview to ESPN's Roger Bennett, with several notable USMNT-related comments.

- Continuing the top- shelf interview theme, Grant Wahl got a good word with Brad Friedel about such topics as waving goodbye to his streak and how Clint Dempsey is doing at White Hart Lane.

#5 - I am curious to see if AJ Delagarza's switch to play for Guam will cause any uproar. I certainly hope not. That sort of vitriol really bugs me.

#6 - San Jose's plans for a new stadium are finally moving along. Footie Business has the details, including a PDF link to see the actual blueprints.

#7 - Finally.... Chris Seitz is the man. Wow.

- Greg Seltzer


Jay said...

And this is intriguing, too.

Interesting to hear about De La Garza's switch -- frankly, I'm totally thrilled that there's enough depth in the player pool that some will look for international games with some other nation. It's nice to be on the other side of that equation for once, as it suggests that player development is doing good things for US players overall.

C. Goldkamp said...

Wouldn't it be foolish for CONCACAF and the U.S. Soccer Federation to no reach an agreement with CONEMBOL for the tournament? Would obviously be great for us fans!

dikranovich said...

this donovan interview really has us all dissappointed with his mentality. the comparison to kobe and lebron was funny and he suggested he carried more of a burden. i dont know, maybe it is true.

im not a big fan of a guy suggesting that his family has suffered because of his work, which has served to put food on his table and set him and his family up for life. this is a guy that has never appreciated what it is really like to have struggle. which is probably why he struggled early on in germany, instead of blossoming there.

he is our landycakes and we love him. i think he needs the same sports shrink EJ went to. this doctor could become a very rich man if he could find the key to the inner chi of all the american players.

donovan has played a lot of games over the last three or four years, without break, and that just is not easy. there is no getting around that.

now watch hin go on loan to everton in jan. pro soccer is after all, first and foremost, a job

andrés said...


it's comments like these that make so many people not like you is this part of town. "this is a guy that has never appreciated what it is really like to have struggle". what do you know? but yea, you'll continue to be annoying on here.

i won't speak for everyone like you do. i'm beyond disappointed in LD. he could've been our first legitimate world beater. but he wasn't. and that's why i'm disappointed. but that interview showed me why he's class and continues to transcend the sport.

dikranovich said...

what a game between dc united and chicago fire. that is what MLS is all about and it came right down to the last tick and dc united gets the bye.

nick deleon, he is a game changer, reminds me of a young earnie stewart, but much better. i bet delo is in AZ with jozy before long.