Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Extra Time: Steve Cherundolo

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I'm a bit tardy with this, but let's just call it fashionably late. Here's the OG article.


On why the team shedding its previous underdog mentality is not because of heightened expectations around the club:

"Most of the expectations have come from the media, and some of the fans allow themselves to be influenced by that. There are certainly some outside pressures. But, internally, we all pretty much know what we're capable of."

On how being a club that has risen from the second flight to a level of continental success only pushes them to continue striving to improve:

"It's important not to forget where we've come from. All those lessons over the years have helped us out in maintaining an amount of success. It's not just luck, it's not chance. It's a lot of hard work."

On how he views his place in the USMNT more than halfway to Brazil 2014, which some observers felt or feel he may see him too old to start at aged 35:

"I enjoy playing, and as long as the US national team feels I can help, I love coming and helping. If a day comes when I can no longer help the team, and the people who makes the decisions feel that way, they will let me know and that's that."

On the seldom-discussed World Cup qualifying difficulty factor of having extended periods of time when players are spread about the globe and heavily focused on club duties, then suddenly gathered into a USMNT situation of urgency:

"It is hard. Everyone is coming from different situations - some guys are playing at the top of the table, some guys at the bottom, some guys don't play much, some play all the time. It's a difficult job for the coach to figure out which guys are going to give us the best chance to win – maybe it's not the best 11 players. It's definitely a challenge."

- Greg Seltzer

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