Sunday, November 25, 2012

Extra time: Matt Taylor

You know the drill. The OG can be found here.

On his ability to continue improving after 30:

"I think I came over here a little late. Had I come over earlier, it's hard to say where I'd be.

On his side's promotion push coming one year earlier than planned:

"[The club's] goal was to get back into the black numbers and they did that with winning the first DfB-Pokal game. Now that the debt is paid off and we're stable in the third division, there's going to be a big push, It'll be interesting to see if they pick anybody up in the winter."

On the difference between the German second and third flights:

"There's really no difference between the middle-to-bottom of the second league and the top of the third league. And style? We play a lot better style of soccer than a lot of teams in the second flight. The difference is really slim nowadays over here."

- Greg Seltzer

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