Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Film at way earlier than 11

I will switch these out for the full highlights and post-game comments when they surface. For now, enjoy the splendor of Mikey 'n Mix.

- Greg Seltzer


LReszetar said...

In addition to the goal, two moments when Bradley demonstrated just how good he is. 44' - someone (think it was Johnson) broke for a long ball. It worked within the prior 10 minutes, so the Russians were expecting it. Rather than play the ball, Bradley recognized the opening in the middle and played a ball to Gomez's (?) feet. It resulted in a foul and a direct kick. A very poised play.
60' - Bradley pressures the Russians when they are passing the ball around the back. He came instantly and after a couple of sloppy Russian passes, the U.S. regained control of the ball in the middle third.

UnitedDemon said...

Speaking of highlights, Sweden England

dikranovich said...

the good thing about ibrahimovic is that he had a good goal scoring rate when he played in holland, but it got even better when he went to a tougher league in italy.

so there is still hope for jozy.

heythisisrobbie said...

Thrilled for Mix..he is such a great dude.

I was so proud/happy for him that he scored. He's a one of a kind person.