Friday, November 2, 2012

Magic Mike

The Whitecaps had their chances to eliminate the defending champs tonight. 

An early strike from Darren  Mattocks hardly looked likely to hold up on its own, but Vancouver nearly put the match to bed just moments before Mike Magee showed us his playoff Oh!*

Then Landon Donovan did that thing where he makes us all wonder what it would look like if he was 100-percent, cutting through the heart of the freshly Jay Demerit-less defense, drawing a penalty, and well, you know the rest. 2-1 Galaxy.

So a playoff California Clasico it is then, with the Galaxy hosting San Jose in the first leg Sunday at 9 p.m. Eastern.

Predictions anyone? I'll still take LA to win it all.

*While we here at No Short Corners admire the craft with which Magee scored, the blog's name endures.

- Jacob Klinger


Alex said...

If you would've told me 3 months ago to pick, for my VIEWING PLEASURE, the 4 matchups for the conference semifinals, these are exactly the 4 I would've picked. As a neutral (I'm from Nebraska so SKC is the closest team) I am genuinely jacked for the playoffs.

Phil McCracken said...

Didn't see the match, but LA struggling at home to get by a Vancouver team that, by most accounts, stinks doesn't seem like an optimistic result for a run at MLS Cup.

My prediction is that LA doesn't even make the West finals as San Jose will knock them out.

Jacob Klinger said...

@Alex You're telling me. I'm stoked outta my brain

@Phil You're right. I took LA back in April though, so here we are.

Phil McCracken said...

Jacob - Yes, I remember that. I took the other side of the argument then as well.

Agree with you and Alex that the play-offs are set up nicely here.

Matt said...

@Phil: I wouldn't say LA really had that much difficulty. LA had numerous legitimate shots on goal, the vast majority of the possession and was without two of their starting defenders (De La Garza, Franklin). And until the last 10 minutes, Vancouver did next to nothing outside of their scoring opportunity, which was well taken.

LA looked legit to me. And I'll be at the game this weekend when LA beats San Jose.