Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rise and shine, homies!

And yes, I realize many of you are already at work on this Wednesday... the post title stands.

Here is your USMNT line-up, which best I can tell has Josh Gatt on one 4-4-2 empty bucket flank and Michael Bradley on the other. Hopefully, I am reading this wrong.

Howard; Chandler, Cameron, Bocanegra, Johnson; Williams, Jones, Bradley, Gatt; Gomez, Altidore

Bench: Rimando, Goodson, Edu, Kljestan, Diskerud, Agudelo, Boyd

I will periodically dropping into the MLSS live chat. Enjoy the game.

- Greg Seltzer


dikranovich said...

my guess is we see a 4-5-1 with gatt and gomez attacking from wide and a midfield triangle of junior, jj, and d. williams. and some serious wing back play, one of these guys has a lot to prove.

Greg Seltzer said...

Maybe so, but the US Soccer version of the line-up shows 4-4-2.

dikranovich said...

what the hell. italian refs for a capello coached team. from russia with love.

dikranovich said...

well, it was a bad pass and it was a mistake and american players need to beat into their heads that lateral balls are a bad idea.

jj, he is a real specimen, but gosh, he is just missing something. he is having a hard time just making simple passes.

usa is coming close and josh gatt has serious potential. junior is going to score a goal in the second half, or maybe get a red card.

dikranovich said...

oh, and another thing, after this game we are going to sit down and really discuss what players are suppose to do when they get into the attacking third, with the ball at their feet, or otherwise.

it will be like a do's and do not's list.