Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Don't put this in ink yet, but... (updated)

I've been fairly certain Michael Parkhurst was set to sign a two-and-a-half-year deal to join Augsburg for a few days, and now I'm 98% sure that will happen today. No full confirm yet, but I am trying.

UPDATE: Okay... put it in ink. Should be announced within two hours, I'm told. Full MLSS report coming later.

: By the way, I also had unconfirmed word that Chievo was the Serie A team in the running.

- Greg Seltzer


Cam said...
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Cam said...

i don't understand why he would sign for a club that's almost certainly going down

dikranovich said...

greg, i sure hope you did not help to scuttle a mix move to portlandia. that would stink.

Paul Poenicke said...

Greg, thanks for the info. Any reason why Parkhurst would prefer a pitiful Augsburg to a midtable, American-friendly Chievo? (Perhaps money, contract length and flexibility, ect. were issues?)

As for Mix to Portland: 1. I don't think Greg is so powerful as to keep any deal from occurring; 2. If Greg could be of help, keep Mix on the other side of the pond. He needs to develop and there are more opportunities to improve in Europe. Hipster dreams do not factor into player development.

dikranovich said...

paul, i cant help but key in to your comment about hipster dreams. it is sad to me that this is the impression people have of our league. it is like an albatross hanging over head.

greg said he talked to mix's agent, and this is after he had expressed his opinion to us about what he thought of the idea. and greg talking to the father happened after word of this deal, so those are the facts right there.

for me, mix has a chance to play in MLS and toughen up his game and he would get to do it under a coach who is somewhere maybe between ben olsen and steve ralston, with respects to being a future us mens team coach.

how can coming to MLS be bad for an american player? i just dont get it. there is a real disconnect here and it is hampering the growth of the game in america which will reflect on the national team.

paul, this is not one of these issues where we have to agree to disagree. NO, we somehow need to get you to hit the reset button in your head. gregs reset button will probably require something akin to john henrys hammer.

Jay said...

All I hear is "waa waa waa waa-waa-waa waa waa."

Greg Seltzer said...

@ Paul: First off, Chievo was in the drop zone before winning three in a row. Secondly, I do not yet know his reasons, will probably ask him soon.

@ dikranovich:

#1 - What planet are you on?

#2 - I'll give you one reason MLS could be bad for an American player: he's a young playmaker.

dikranovich said...

greg, can you even name a young american playmaker who has had progress slowed by MLS? thats just a bogus statement. what a bunch of BS, and you write for an MLS publication.

it really would not surprise me if the last time greg saw more than five MLS games in a season was more than ten years ago, and its doubtful, that he was even watching then.

its shameful!!!

Greg Seltzer said...

"greg, can you even name a young american playmaker who has had progress slowed by MLS? thats just a bogus statement. what a bunch of BS... "


This from the same guy who just suggested I could bin a transfer move to Portland. I don't whether to be flattered, buy a dark cape or stage a tinfoil hat intervention.

Jay said...

Halloween costumes? Already? Next year I think Greg should dress up as a Sexy Dikranovich. Terrifying!

dikranovich said...

greg, get mixs dad on the phone for me please, so i can talk some sense into him.

you must have planted some seeds of doubt, and that is just my guess based on your response to the idea of him even signing with portland, which i think you said was a terrible, TERRIBLE idea

Greg Seltzer said...

Very amusing, Jay. None of us will ever sleep again. Way to go.

Paul Poenicke said...

@ Greg. Good point. The standings probably exaggerate the relative strength of the squads. Still, three wins in a row, and gaining 11out of the last 18 points, isn’t nothing. (After all, I think Deuce could testify to the relative strength three straight wins, as against three consecutive ties, does to demonstrate and encourage the quality of a side.

@ dikranovich I made the hipster remark in light of your rebranding Portland after a hipster television show about Portland. Generally, I think MLS has to remain wary of hipstersism, which tends to fetishize uniqueness and exclusivity, discourage integration with less savvy audiences, and, unless checked, supports marginalization.

I think all US fans want MLS to grow into a world-class league.

However, we need to realize that:
1. Playing in MLS can aid certain players improve and become excellent.
2. Playing in Europe can aid certain players improve and become excellent.
3. Europe offers players the best chance to improve their talent and become excellent for a variety of reasons (superior coaching, higher levels of competition and training, increased expectations, ect.). All you need to do is to compare World Cup winning rosters: the majority of players for South American champions played in Europe. (A reason to be suspicious of Mexico as a dark-horse choice to win in Brazil, which is an argument for another day.)

Dikranovich, your response proved what Greg and I are arguing. We don’t merely want Mix to come to MLS in hopes he lands with a decent coaching staff and simply does not have his progress slowed. Rather, we want him to be in a league where there is a proven ability to improve attackers; in lieu of Mix’s progress in Norway, I would think there is ample evidence he has better tools to improve in Norway than MLS. Or—gasp!—the Eredivisie, where attackers gallop freely across the pitch, unharassed by defenders, the nets barren without keepers to defend them.

dikranovich said...

paul, ok, you have a zest and a zeal for the belief that mix needs to keep his progress on a european trajectory, regardless of the fact that he has expressed interest in playing for the us national team and has infact played for the team.

if you wanna learn the italian system, you dont go play in greece. mix can be a nice player, he is almost 23 years old, and im not sure how much more his game is going to develop. really, you might think that logic would dictate that coming to play in the usa is almost a must for a guy like mix.

i guess im just the idiot who thinks terrence boyd would be better off playing for dc united, over rapid vienna. i guess im crazy that i see MLS as a superior league to the 10 team austrian league.

it also seems like players develop pretty well in the USA, whether it be stuart holden or brad davis, or any other growing number of players.

paul, i just dont see your argument holding any water. just because a team is not a perfect fit, that does not stop a player from developing. the development process is not some thing that is on paper and is followed like a robot, jesus.



there is time for you to return from the darkside.

dikranovich said...

paul, think about what you are saying!!! what was it that allowed south american sides to win world cups before they started sending players to europe. you must know that the 70 brasil and 78 and 86 argentina team were winners without the benefit of all their players playing in europe.

who is better, corinthians or chelsea? you do also know that two of the last four world cups have been won by first time winners.


jay also, he is one of the bastard sons. we call him jay snow, or around the house, we just call him white boy.