Monday, December 3, 2012

Ugh... are the shops playing Goodiepalooza music *already*?

There's more to come, but let's hit the hard winter ground walking. I have learned that MLS Defender of the Year Matt Besler is fairly close to re-upping with Sporting KC, despite appreciable interest from Belgium and England. It's not done yet, but I'd probably place it in the "unless something remarkable happens" file.

- Greg Seltzer


AdamTheRed said...

Dammit, was really, really hoping he would make the leap. I am an SKC fan but my desire for a better USMNT back line takes precedence.

Jon said...

What is is with Americans being too scared to make the jump?

Besler is 25 and is in the NT conversation. He has interest from better leagues. Just why would he not test himself abroad?

I don't want some scared CB who's afraid of a challenge and prefers comfort in the NT conversation.

dallen said...

Playing time, taxes , family, comfort with and dedication to a club...lots of valid reasons someone might stay in MLS.

josh said...

"Why would he stay?" maybe the idea that the MLS is not as bad as everyone wants to think it is. Even Callum Williams said that MLS is the equvilant to the N-Power Championship.

dikranovich said...

josh, im sorry, but do you think thierry henry would be playing in the english 2nd division, or beckham for that matter?

who the heck is callum wiliams anyway?

Brian B said...

dikranovich- no, Henry and Beckham wouldn't play in the English 2nd division.

What's your point?

Matt said...

Greg: Is there an American connection at Hoffenheim? With Zach Pfeffer now the latest young American to head over to their academy, I'm curious what drives all these kids to Hoffenheim.

Not that I mind at all, it seems like its been a good move for folks like Gyau and, to a lesser extent, Charles Renken.

dikranovich said...

brian b, you ask a fair question. i think my point is that callum williams is really just a punter. go look this guy up and tell me you think he knows what the heck he is talking about.

maybe he is trying to make a backhanded compliment by suggesting the top division in the usa is on par with the second division in england. to me it sounds a little more like a backhanded slap in the face.

really though, my originial disgust is with american fans who think they are being smart by suggesting every player needs to be playing european champions league ball, when maybe the best thing for the sport in this country is to have the best players playing in our domestic league.

really i think usa can have players playing all over the world, and still have a strong domestic league, i guess its a little give and take. but to be chiding a player who wants to play in MLS, thats just dumb, and there is no two ways about it.

matt, this is a good lead in to your question. hoffenheim, i believe, has an arrangement with vancouver whitecaps and they also did have vedad ibisevic on their roster and he was playing high school soccer in st louis MO. hoffenheim sure is not scared of american players.

dikranovich said...

the city of almere, netherlands is at it again, and this time with serious player violence during a youth game, that lead to the death of an official.

they dont call almere a suburb of amsterdam, but they do call it a commuter city.

victory is mine!!!!!!!

Callum Williams said...

Actually I think the Championship is a fantastic league. It's so good it was voted within the top 5 leagues in Europe. Hence my comparison to MLS. I covered a lot of soccer in England before I came across to the USA and I can say MLS is at a stage now where players don't need to leave unless they're going to EPL, La Liga or the Bundesliga. No need to go to Norway, Scotland, Denmark etc because MLS is just as good if not better.


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