Monday, January 7, 2013

A goodie morsel

Ugh. Despite West Ham being all EPL-y about it, I can now confirm that Graham Zusi is there on a full trial and not just as a training visitor. Which category Juan Agudelo fits into with his simultaneous visit, I cannot yet say for certain - but my educated guess-o-meter is leaning toward the former.

- Greg Seltzer


Mike said...

Good, I hope they both sign with them!

dikranovich said...

west ham has a very strong midfield. they have a good coach also. if zusi latches on at west ham, that would be real impressive.

Michael F said...

couple of questions..

1. do you think there's a good chance Zusi or Agudelo goes?
2. would they have trouble with work permits? or do they know tim ream / geoff cameron's guy?

dikranovich said...

michael, west ham are strong in the middle with kevin nolan and mo diame. basically, zusi is competing against matt jarvis, matt taylor, and joe cole. this is duable.

west ham just signed chamakh from arsenal and have caroll and carlton cole. maybe it would actually be more impressive if aguedelo latched on.

zusi has good national team games over the last year, which is a big requirement with the work permit home office

Anonymous said...

Sporting KC fan here. Not sure about Agudelo, but I think the Hammers would have to make an outrageous offer to get Zusi out of KC this season. We just lost Roger Espinoza to Wigan on a free transfer and I don't think the team is going to be keen on parting with our other key midfield player in the same offseason.