Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sporting K-flash

It's been a big couple months in Kansas City. Not only has SKC hosted its first World Cup qualifier, but the StrongBox is also hosting the 2013 All-Star Game. Now, to add to the party (this uni-nerd's party, anyway), the club rolled out its new look for the first time at the SuperDraft today (which I'll have plenty on later), complete with a much-needed shirt sponsor. The away looks pretty legit, yeah? The new home uni comes out Feb. 27.

- Will Parchman


bwidell said...

That's the same away kit they've always worn, just with added sponsor, no?

Will Parchman said...

Colors are the same but the design has a slight tweak around the shoulders. But yeah, the sponsor is the main change.

Jon Alan Schmidt said...

This is the secondary (indigo) jersey which is basically unchanged. The new primary (Sporting blue) is what will be revealed next month, and there have been rumors of a third (possibly silver).

Please note that "StrongBox" is no longer a nickname that makes sense for Sporting Park.