Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Theft

Just yesterday, I learned my new popping student has diabetes, something that also affects family members of mine. Turns out she had to inject insulin into a little box implanted on her back and then check her levels before exercising.

As such revelations always, it made me feel very lucky to have my health, which allows me to do as I physically wish. This is certainly no wasted gift, as at 43, I've now added several hiphop dance classes a week to my regular soccer game with dudes in their 20's and constant bike-riding. 

I know many people with serious health issues, so I fully realize that the bits of soreness and fatigue I get from being so active are gifts that not everyone gets to enjoy. It makes me feel lucky and humble, and that's not even to mention the goin' cuckoo preventative medicine received from quenching my craving for action and competition.

And now, this morning, I feel even more fortunate to be doing things most don't or can't at my age. You may recall former U.S. youth international Zach Herold, who played at the 2009 Under-17 World Cup. The following year, shortly after joining Toronto FC, doctors suddenly told the defender they discovered he had a heart condition. Straight to the point, he could no longer play the game that meant the world.

Herold writes about his forced early-early-early retirement here. His story is a great reminder to us all to appreciate everything we have and can do when we can. As for me, I'll be heading out soon for back-to-back classes, because I'm crazy. And the entire three sweaty hours, I will be grateful that I'm able. 

- Greg Seltzer


Phil McCracken said...

Thanks, always a good thing to keep in mind whenever things get you down. Being in good health is something that we all take for granted. Without it, life would be much tougher to get through.

Matt said...

Amen to that. Nice priority check post.