Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A footy film to support

Hey gents, a promising soccer film is just revving up, and you've got a chance to get in on the ground floor. The working title is Kick Flick 2014, and you can devour info to your heart's content and check out a quick storyboard on the film here. One day, when you see this thing rip up the silver screen, you can say, Yo, I helped do that. That's like, literally a thing you can say.

As independent filmmakers, we believe it is important and exciting to invite the soccer and sports communities into this process of helping us get our film to the big screen. 
We have to and want to be resourceful, innovative and entrepreneurial in order to get the best actors, director, and executive producer(s) attached to our project. We think starting a crowdfunding campaign is a resourceful, innovative and entrepreneurial way to get our film completed for a 2014 theatrical release. We want to let Hollywood know that the USA is ready for an Amercan soccer themed movie with great appeal to people from every segment of society. 
We need start-up capital to cover development expenses for first stage financing which can include legal fees, shooting schedule, retainers for a casting director and location scouts, along with other costs as itemized below.

- Will Parchman

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