Monday, February 25, 2013

Best and Brightest: Chivas USA

It's pretty easy to forget that this club was just second in the Supporters' Shield race in 2007. Then you remember that team had a solid core of Sacha Kljestan, Maykel Galindo, Ante Razov, the Jonathan Bornstein that shut down Messi for 45 minutes that summer and Brad Guzan among others. 

Immediately after that you should recall that Bob Bradley is a pretty damn good coach. Stop, I know what many of you are thinking. Don't go there. It's a dark place I too often visit.

Chivas USA'ss fortunes have pretty much declined since. And by "pretty much" and "declined" I mean taken a constant tumble down the side of a 5-year-long slope. 

With that in mind, let's remember the glory years.

Chivas USA
Best: Ante Razov @ Los Angeles Galaxy, July 10, 2008
Maybe it's the buildup with Kljestan budding into an MLS standout, running the left flank and feeding the venerable dinosaur that gets me. I know I like the lefty bend on the drive from about 25 yards out (0:35).

Brightest: Maicon Santos vs. Los Angeles Galaxy, Nov. 1, 2009
In the fourth minute of the Goats' first-ever playoff meeting with their Home Depot Center cohabitants, Maicon does the hard and somewhat dancing work off a Kljestan through ball.

Chivas USA ultimately blew the lead, scratched out a 2-2 draw and lost the tie 1-0 a week after. But when this ball found the far post side netting, all was well (1:08).

Also remember that Chivas USA is about as distant to me as any MLS club can be it many ways. If your memory serves better than mine, let me know.

- Jacob Klinger

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