Saturday, February 23, 2013

Best and Brightest: Columbus Crew

Ahh, yes. The most hardhatted and yellow of Major League Soccer's Embryonic Eight.

All MLS fans owe some serious debt of gratitude to Lamar Hunt for keep the league alive when it was a Swiss cheese piggy bank. As a man who looks his most dashing in black and actually bleeds red - I'm a D.C. United guy - I still find it hard to truly disdain the Crew.

Also, they made my job very easy.

Columbus Crew
Best and Brightest: Frankie Hejduk vs. New York Red Bulls Nov. 23, 2008
There is just so much pretty going and the play ends with one of the most gloriously unrefined players in the history of American soccer sprinting to the left corner flag. Still, don't dismiss the craft.

There was the lofted diagonal to the far right corner and Alejandro Moreno, Moreno cutting in from the right flank and fumbling the ball to Eddie Gaven. Then, for the third time that day Guillermo Barros-Schellotto applied the all-but-finishing touch, leaving the game-sealing deed to Frankie Hejduk, whose looping header just about matched the beauty of Barros-Schellotto's 12 x 10-yard chip.

Of course it's the Crew's finest hour, the goal clinched the club's lone MLS Cup. And Hejduk is a boss.

- Jacob Klinger

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