Thursday, February 28, 2013

Best and Brightest: FC Dallas

The Dallas Burn was such a terribly cartoonish name. The pony on the front of the shirt did little to dispel the stigma. But I watched a fair amount of cartoons when FC Dallas claimed its greatest prize.

They really don't make them like they used to ...

FC Dallas
Best: Brek Shea @ Toronto FC, July 20, 2011
In 30 yards the then-21 Shea simply said "I am faster, stronger, and oh so much more righteously cocky than ye."

Talk about intangibles: Size, speed, hair. What else do you want?

Brightest: Jorge Rodriguez vs. D.C. United, Oct. 29 1997 (U.S. Open Cup Final)
Technically not a goal, this was a spot kick. In fact, it was the fifth. And it gave the Stallions of Fire their first and only major trophy to date.

It's worth noting that the Burn wrested the Sir Thomas Dewar Cup away from not just the holders, but the league's first dynasty, which three days earlier had brought home its second MLS Cup in as many years. The stars were by no means spared, though, as the Burn earned this one thoroughly.

May as well watch the whole thing. Both teams came tantalizingly close.

- Jacob Klinger

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