Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Keyser Söze's apprentice smacks in a ridiculous scorpion kick

OK, so Vancouver's Daigo Kobayashi isn't actually Keyser Söze's fictitious right-hand man. But he is a man willing to to bend the knee to the cross. Namely, a scorpion kick that, while preseason in shape (if we're being super critical losers, he clicked one foot right after another instead of both simultaneously - which, paradoxically, might have increased the level of difficulty), it was midseason in idea. So marvel. Because we all know if you attempted this in your local league match you'd pull both your hamstrings and lose a shoe.

- Will Parchman

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Nathan said...

I was in attendance for this. Cold night, but ridiculous goal. For those who have never heard of Blackbaud Stadium, it boasts one of the brightest soccer gems in the country, the Three Lions Pub. The stadium is awesome, but the city is no longer a secret. Manneh from Vancouver was an animal throughout the whole tournament. Intelligent runs, great acceleration, and very tricky with the ball. That goal took the prize. Very entertaining tournament.