Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday night fever (updated)

Like clockwork, Jozy Altidore has pulled AZ level at Roda just before halftime with a terrific turn-and-fire at the top of the area. It was his sixth goal in his last four Saturday matches, and ninth in the last nine on this day of the week.

UPDATE: Ta-da!

- Greg Seltzer


UnitedDemon said...

Greg, would like to get your take on Jozy's recent national team form. For me, it's starting to look like JK doesn't put the target striker in a position to score goals, given the lack of creativity in the middle and the lack of movement on the wings. Does that sound about right?

over there said...

Hard not to feel good for Jozy. Any thoughts on what the best next step is for him club/league-wise?

I'd love to see him in Serie A, where the one-man-against-the-bus routine would force him to continue to improve tactically.