Sunday, February 24, 2013

Terrence the Leveler (updated)

Just out of intermission, Rapid Vienna forward Terrence Boyd temporarily pulled his side even at 1-1 away to Red Bull Salzburg. The hosts have since scored and gone up a man, so maybe our man can equalize again. As is, Boyd now has 10 league goals.

UPDATE: Well... he did not score again, but did help set up the last gasp 3-3 equalizer. Back to the original topic, here's your goal.

- Greg Seltzer


dikranovich said...

if you lift your feet up behind you when you jump, it changes your center of gravity and allows a player to hover in the air, like a flying dervish. anyway, villareal did a good job of it the other day

t. boyd should be playing in MLS, if only because it has to be more challenging then austria. it has to be. every time i see this austrian league, these freaking defenders look like they got cement blocks on their feet

Lampard in the End Zone said...
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Lampard in the End Zone said...

Mr. Newton and I disagree.

While you can change your center of gravity in the way that you have described, gravity itself does not change so you will fall at the same acceleration no matter how you contort your body.

Furthermore, if your theoretical athlete wants to land on his or her feet, that would move the center of gravity back down.

In Newtonian Physics, one, contrary to what Sportscenter may say, cannot defy gravity (not to mention those top ten dunks all look the same).

dikranovich said...

whatever, alfred einstein!!! you are about as fresh as a foghat concert.

Matt said...

There's a reason I love this site, and part of it is definitely the comment section. A rational discourse on Newtonian physics was not what I was expecting, but I'll take it. Consider myself (re)educated.

And, hey, it was a nice goal, too.

Jay said...

NSC comments = rational + dikranovich.

red61 said...

Dude still lives in his moms basement.

Tony M said...

"you are about as fresh as a foghat concert"

You get a lot of abuse here, but I got to give you credit - that made me laugh out loud

Lampard in the End Zone said...

Dikranovich with an excellent retort. Excuse me, I am going to buy a lottery ticket now.