Friday, February 22, 2013

Think it through, people.

I like calling Cristiano Ronaldo "C-Ron" - it makes him sound like a robot.

And this is the kind of crap you'd get if I was on Twitter. Then I'd whine about some move I can't quite do yet and boast about what I just ate (Trinidadian chicken and rice), if not also the fact that the stupid fine Russian haircut girl always hides until it's my turn.

What? It's been a very good Friday so far.

- Greg Seltzer


RobUsry said...

If you can put up with the same idiot on here for the last six months, you can handle Twitter.

Jay said...

Nah, it ain't "like a robot". It's "like a periodic job scheduler". I'd wager that he has his goals pre-defined on a C-Rontab, and is driven by his own personal daemons.

dikranovich said...

six months??? man, time sure does fly when you are having fun.

Jay said...

On the other hand, you can just follow Will and get all the banter you want.