Thursday, February 28, 2013

Who needs work on a Thursday afternoon?

Clear your schedule for 90 minutes or so. Twelve years ago today, this happened.

- Greg Seltzer


dikranovich said...

nice game, clint mathis, what a player he was. steps on the field, first touch is an outside of the foot, outside in swirver right into space for josh wolff.

that team was a nice mix of older and younger players, and its amazing to think about the guys not suiting up for this game. there is no JOB, no donovan, no DMB. these cats came into the mix later and it all just came together nicely.

this was maybe the first time we looked at a US national team and said, man, we do have some depth.

Unknown said...

A front six of

Moore - McBride (Wolff)

Stewart - Reyna (Mathis) - Armas - Jones

Why, why, why, why, WHY??? don't we play a 4-4-2 anymore? WHY!!!!

[breaking things, breaking things]

We have comparable forward talent to 2001 (Altidore and Herc would be my starters)

If you play Dempsey in the midfield (which is his natural position) then we have a comparable midfield to 2001.

Dempsey = Stewart
Bradley = Reyna
Beckerman/Williams/Edu = Armas
EJ/Shea/Gatt/(Donovan) = Cobi Jones

Oh, and Jermaine Jones, in this happy little scenario, is sitting at home drinking a Bud Lite Lime.

Jacob Klinger said...

There's no way Jermaine Jones drinks Bud Light Lime.

dikranovich said...

coach klinsmann has had an up close an personal view of team USA in one sense when you think about it. in 90, he was winning a world cup, while USA was just getting her feet wet for the first time in forty years. 94, klinsmann is hosted by USA, removed by stoychkov. 98, germany sends USA packing, we are minus our captain. its a mutiny. these are klinsmanns playing years.

by 01 our future coach is living in california. he is now viewing things as a spectator and a father of american children. you have to wonder what kind of feelings he had during that USA v germany game in 02. im sure he was happy that germany advanced, he did afterall help bring frings to toronto.

so we have an 06 team that maybe underachieved a little, and meanwhile coach klinsmann is taking germany to the semifinals. by 2010, coach klnsmann has been in line for the head coaching job of the USMNT for four years, and we have since heard what philip lahm thinks of coach klinsmann.

i guess the point is that most USA fans have one perspective of the team over the past twenty, twenty five years, and coach klinsmann does bring a completely different view. he is looking from above, down on our team, maybe with a birdseye view. we view from the mountain tops and the valleys, and the trenches.

we want our players giving 100%

we want to win!!!

Jack Savidge said...

Was there. So, so, so,cold. Drove from NJ to Columbus that morning and drove back after the game. Ended up in a section with mostly Mexico fans but a great, respectful atmosphere. Will never forget.

Unknown said...

Will Dikranovich,

For once I totally agree with you.

Klinsmann is looking down on our team.

JBS said...

A few things:
The amount of talent on both sides has increased immensely in the last 12 years.
David Regis was not good enough for a usmnt spot.
The referees and the commentators were as awful then as they are now.

Mikey B said...

Classic game. Remember it well. I loved seeing those two Georgia boys stick it to Mexico. I played against Clint a couple of times when we were kids. He destroyed me (I guess I'm not a world class defender).

That 2001-02 team was special. One big reason is that Bruce knew his team and understood how to deploy its assets for maximum effect.

I love US-Mex games in Columbus. I've been to the last two, and plan on being there again on 9/10/13.

Dos a Cero, siempre y hasta la muerte.