Friday, March 22, 2013

The Harshest Hex

This is shaping up to be the most difficult Hexagonal ever, right? I certainly think so, and I figure many of you do too. But I wanted to prove it.

Saying the quality and depth of the region is improving with the growth of MLS and Liga MX doesn't really do anything for me. It wouldn't be the whole truth either. 

Basically, I found that this Hexagonal should buck structural trends of the previous four editions based on an uptick in these six teams' home form and scoring depth. There are patterns in the way the last six has sorted itself out and how that I explored in Part 1 of the mini-series.

And in Part 2 I showed why this go-around is different. It's a little theoretical and in many parts data driven, but if we float around in popular assumptions, then we don't really know anything more than what other people think.

So let me know what works, if you buy we've got a doozy on our hands or if the traditional order, powers and patterns will stay intact.

- Jacob Klinger


dikranovich said...

jacob, you have to ask this hex question again after tuesday, cause im gonna tell you something son. USA go down to ole mexico and win that challenge, well, you can pretty much put your feet up on the sofa for the next eight months, and wear one of those helmets with the beer holders and the straw, which, you probably do anyway.

Jacob Klinger said...

I wouldn't mind all that, though I'd probably do a fair amount of writing helmet or not.

Anyway, if it happens, there's not much overstating it as an accomplishment and the haymaker it'd be to the Mexican soccer psyche. And the cushion really could be six points in a way if Mexico takes the rest of its home games.

But it would still only be 3 points and with the rest of the Hex being as it is - quite good - I don't think there'll be many feet up anywhere.