Monday, March 18, 2013

What would I do against Costa Rica?

At first glance, given the selection, probably this...

I was tempted to think 3-5-2 for this occasion only... but the best way to take pressure off a makeshift backline is to A) give them a quick gate-keeper who will stay home & B) keep the ball at the other end. And working attack from the left with this crew gives us two outstanding back side targets to help Altidore consume defenders.

Of course, I'm also not in training to see how everything looks and tinker. So there's that.

UPDATE: Forgot Mr. Guzan. Fixed.

- Greg Seltzer


Unknown said...

Is your rationale for keeping Dempsey out of the side injury-related?

Greg Seltzer said...

That, and also possession-related. Of course, that is also one helluva card to be able to pull out of your sleeve after 45-60 minutes, if need be. And if he's not needed so much against the Ticos, then he'd be better equipped to go all 90 at Mexico.

So, it's got layers to it. :D

Phil McCracken said...

Not sure that I understand why you would play Besler at right back. For me, I'd put Morrow on left and move Cameron to the right.

I do like the rest though which means that it will never happen. Kljestan and Bradley would be a perfect pairing in central midfield with a holder behind them.

Greg Seltzer said...

More comfortable at the thought of Besler playing a bit conservatively at right back than I am with that of Morrow needing to support the attack from left back.

dikranovich said...

the problem for me with this lineup, is that it might have some speed, but it really does not have that quickness that might be required against costa rica. we should be able to bully just about any team with this lineup though. ironically, the weakest players though, are the center halfs.

dikranovich said...

costa rica has this one play, and they used it to devistating effect againat the USA, scoring goals in both games last cycle using this give and go that they work.

in saprissa, they pulled the play on marvell wynne, and in RFK, they took advantage of lil stevie cherundolo.

Phil McCracken said...

Greg - I don't remember Besler ever playing right back as a professional so why would you propose to play him there in a WCQ match?

Not trying to wind you up, but it seems odd to do that, especially since he's primarily a left-footed player.

Greg Seltzer said...

I'd rather have Cameron's high-level experience to support attack on the left, while Besler I'd prefer to stay home a bit more. That's all.

dikranovich said...

you dont see goodson as a risky choice in the center?

Greg Seltzer said...

They all seem risky in their own way, but he's got experience and has been playing better recently.

dikranovich said...

well, it looks like he is only back in bronsby starting 11 due to red card suspension to another player. i guess it is all about risk management.

Jolazo said...

4 CBs, 3 DM/deep-lying mids, a forward playing winger on the right, and one true winger on the left, and a big holdup man in the center.

Greg, you're not Tony Pulis, are you?

Greg Seltzer said...

Cameron is not a true center back in my book, Bradley is no mere deep-lying midfielder, Kljestan would be deployed as a playmaker who tracks back, Gomez has played wide right about half his pro career, and Altidore is far more than a hold-up man when you allow him to face the area and work combos.

Greg Seltzer said...

Oh, and we definitely in the desperate measures for desperate times zone for wingback staffing. So obviously none of it is plan A.

dikranovich said...

im not sure the attacking part of your lineup is the problem, except maybe the suggestion that break shea start

Greg Seltzer said...

Bear in mind I never promised this was a foolproof plan. I just said it's what I would probably do.

dikranovich said...

you can still change your mind though, the game is not until friday.

Jolazo said...

Still though, the similarities are there.

Cameron - Cameron
Shawcross - Gonzalez
Huth - Goodson
Besler - Wilson
Edu - Whelan
Bradley - N'Zonzi
Kljestan - Adam
Herc - Walters
Shea - Etherington
Altidore - Crouch

It's pretty similar to Stoke tactically.

Also, why have a left-footed Besler on the right and a right-footed Cameron on the left?

dikranovich said...

quote from coach klinsmann, "he is just a wonderful player. he can show you different things in different position on the field," and bla bla bla. thats regarding beasley.

point being, dmb is playing left back friday night, unless we go 3-5-2 and then he will be in a wing position tasked with patrolling the left flank.

you have to like the defense that both dmb and zusi bring to the table.

Greg Seltzer said...

There is a MASSIVE difference between tracking back as a winger and playing defense as a wingback. What on Earth makes you imagine DMB is strong at the latter?

Greg Seltzer said...

@ Jolazo: As stated above... I'd rather have Cameron's high-level experience to support attack on the left, while Besler I'd prefer to stay home a bit more. That's all.

And you are using quite the stretch to "match" that injury-ravaged line-up (playing vs. Costa Rica) with Stoke (playing in the EPL).

dikranovich said...

darlington nagbe with some serious fifa 13 skills. we need to get this guy signed up ASAP

TrueCrew said...

I'm so glad Greg isn't in charge, it isn't even funny.

First off, you blank on the keeper. Then, no Dempsey and no Jones. Shea's foot isn't healthy, by his own admission, and yet he starts? And Besler at RB and Cameron on the left? Why?

About the only thing I agree with is Edu as the #6 and Gonzo/Goodson as the CBs.


Keeps everyone except Beasley in positions they are playing now or, in Dempsey's case, are very familiar with. Save for EJ, all your most experienced players are on the pitch. Like you said, I think Edu at the #6 to protect the D, and when Cameron/DMB get forward, he it can morph into a back 4 with Edu back there and Jones/Bradley as the shield.

If we don't get a goal by the hour mark, then on come Boyd, EJ, and Shea/Zusi and maybe a late switch to a 3-5-2.

Greg Seltzer said...

1 - Blanking on the keeper for a moment is some grave demerit? We all know who it is.

2 - If Shea's foot isn't healthy, then why is he there?

3 - I've already explained the Dempsey thing.

4 - Yes, I want Edu over Jones - mostly because he actually plays the position where I positioned him, unlike Jones, who cannot stay home.

5 - I have already explained the LB/RB thing twice.

6 - Nobody urging us to play DMB at left back should be pointing fingers at anyone. Ya heard.

And finally, I do not want these particular wingbacks way up the field. At all. So none of this silly "Edu slides back into defense and Bradley has to hang back" stuff is necessary.

dikranovich said...

rigid understaNDING of how the game works.

there can be only one.

its better to burn out, than to fade away.

Greg Seltzer said...

Let me get this straight, dikranovich... me, who has been proposing something different for a decade, is the one with a rigid, "there can only be one" understanding of the game? And not those still advocating an empty bucket?


DrewVT6 said...

I don't understand your high respect for Klejstan who has shown time and again his inability to perform at the international level. I could understand playing him if we didn't have Bradley or Jones available.

Then again, maybe it's better to start him in position than to have JK bring him on as a late game 'spark'.

Greg Seltzer said...

Yes... and how many times has he played his proper position for the Nats? Once, with a hat trick? Twice?

He's always shoved out on the wing, where we all know he doesn't belong, usually in garbage time. Frankly, I don't think he's been given any kind of chance to excel for the USMNT to date.