Wednesday, May 15, 2013

All day long at school I hear how great Jozy is at this or how wonderful Jozy did that! Jozy, Jozy, Jozy!

... which is what the title to this post would be if NSC was authored by Jan Brady. I will have another Jozy quick chat article up at MLSS tomorrow, but for now let's cover a couple things I  a) saw recently & b) forgot to mention earlier.

First, we learn that Michael Bradley had a fair part in getting Altidore to AZ. It's not so much of a surprise as these fellas tend to holler around about such matters and Mikey played/started to blossom under Verbeek.

Then we see that Altidore has been named to FIFA's upcoming task force, which will be tasked with helping to form improved measures to combat racism in the game. 

- Greg Seltzer

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