Saturday, May 25, 2013

La spruzzata di acqua fredda

When you are all finished checking your online translators, I can report that promoted Hellas Verona (not to be confused with Chievo) recently made a loan-with-buy option Michael Bradley enquiry to AS Roma and were quickly rebuffed. And that pretty much seems the end of this story, folks.

- Greg Seltzer


Tony M said...

this is probably a completely pointless question...but that has never stopped me before.

Can we read anything into why a lowly team like that would assume Roma could be approached about Bradley? Are they reading tea leaves we should be concerned about?

dallen said...

Yeah I'm confused too. Is this the Serie A equivalent of me asking out Kate Upton even though she's definitely not interested? Might as well take a shot?

Greg Seltzer said...

You probably should not read much into it past the fact that Roma is one of the teams with great depth in midfield. But, no, I think they just wanted him. And let's not forget that Verona is actually a much bigger club than Chievo.

dikranovich said...

what we should read into this move is that hellas Verona is moving up to serie a and they were watching their cross town rivals last season and roma this, and were impressed with what they saw, and maybe they felt roma would be persuaded by an offer.