Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sir Alex steps out

Everybody get your CV's sorted; the Manchester United job is opening.

- Greg Seltzer


Jay said...

Finally. Geeze.

Total tangent time, Greg, if you are willing to oblige.

1) Tab Ramos seems to think that John Anthony Brooks is a strong lean for the US in the U-20 WC rather than for Germany in the U-21 Euros. What's your take?

2) In your MLSS article yesterday you mention the Keystone Kops who've been playing in front of Brad Guzan all season. I can't help but notice that Eric Lichaj is one of those, and that Villa has crept up the table now that he's not in the starting line-up anymore. If I count it right, he's only made the bench nine times in league games since January 1st, and only made two sub appearances. So... what's the deal with Lichaj? Is he dropped permanently? Does Villa think he needs more time before really being a contributor? Where does this put him with Klinsmann, other than off the short list?

Greg Seltzer said...

1 - I'd say Tab knows best.

2 - We can probably expect Lichaj, who is about to be a free agent, to be in a new shirt next season. He was okay, but they have a crowded stable of young English guys there.

As for where he stands with Klinsi, I've never really managed to figure that out.

Jay said...

Thanks, Greg!

Tony M said...

Breaks my freaking heart. If I can't have moyes for USA, I'd settle for having him evenutally take over for Wenger. Instead, this is what I get? It's like chasing a girl only to find out she's been sleeping with some guy you can't stand....