Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Toulon Time

The U.S. Under-20's start Toulon Tournament action against hosts/summer World Cup group foe France in about five hours. The game will be televised live on beIN Sport. What am I looking for in this tourney? Same as Tab Ramos: Who can step it up when the heat arrives?

And if you're wondering who isn't along that should be next month in Turkey, I'm thinking primarily about Luis Gil, Jose Villarreal, DeAndre Yedlin and (presumably?) John Anthony Brooks. I'm also into an acceptance phase that the U20 World Cup comes too soon for Will Packwood and Marc Pelosi.

: Had an airy moment in the brain... of course, Brooks won't be there.

- Greg Seltzer


Anonymous said...

Ives had a post up with a quote from Tab Ramos stating that he had to submit a 35 man prelim roster for the U-20 World cup and left Brooks off.

I would say Gold Cup is more of a chance for him this summer.


Timmy said...

Hey Greg-
My understanding was that because Brooks was left off the provisional 35 man roster, he's out for the U20 WC. Can he be added later via some loophole?

Thanks for the heads up about this!

Greg Seltzer said...

Yeah, you're both right - a blonde moment there.

UnitedDemon said...

If he isn't willing to commit to the U-20's, I doubt he'll commit to being cap tied by the US. This whole thing makes me think he doesn't have strong enough feelings for the US to resist the call of Germany.

Timmy said...

Just read on twitter that Klinsmann says that Cherundolo asked out of this camp/these qualifiers in order to prepare for next season in Germany. Is anyone else floored by this news?

Any idea why they only play 80 minutes in Toulon?

dikranovich said...

no. i think they play 80 mins, then ten more for good measure, plus stoppage time.

dikranovich said...

upon closer inspection, it is 80 minute halves. the French do like to be different, don't they? and they played this game with their U21 team, which means some of their players were actually closer to 22 and 23 years of age.

dikranovich said...

check that 40 minute halves.