Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A reflection in red, white and rave green

We're mere hours away from kickoff and I feel the same merrily tense gameday anticipation I've known ever since the internet, and with it, the national team's schedule came into my life.

Yet that excitement doesn't come from the usual days-long wonderment over who will win the midfield battle, what striker(s) will start and just watching and/or writing about a game between two teams representing two nations.

In fact, only a very small part of that anticipation gazes at the field. I have only the slightest idea what will happen there, less so than my lack of understanding of chaos theory usually dictates.

When I turn on the television in about two hours I'll be just as tuned into the crowd. This is Seattle -- the only place in America where regularly playing soccer in an NFL stadium isn't a problem unless you're the visiting team.

And the fans there, they know they're on stage. They've been performing, for us, the Sounders and themselves, in stadium and on broadcasts since First Kick 2009.

They routinely put on the largest, most finely tuned atmospheric production this country has to offer. It's also heavily bearded, ironically, maybe? It, the fans and their culture, fill me with wonder. But never more than tonight.

Will the Emerald City Supporters Club be as prepared for the national team? Can their members replicate that collective voice for the whole country? Can that fan base and its volume put a scare in Panama? Will Portland fans help?

I'm almost always pleased when I see a good crowd on these shores and I know we'll see a big one tonight. But what will it do? What will it sing? Will everyone know what to say and when?

Maybe it doesn't really matter. Just, with most things American soccer I can either cobble together an idea of what will happen, or, I'm so certain of the uncertainty I don't bother making a prediction, not even to myself.

But this possibility of a full-bodied and fully prepared crowd, I just can't look away from. It overshadows what usually dominates my thoughts on days like today -- the U.S. men's national team -- constantly reminding me that I just won't understand until whatever it is plays out before my eyes.

Even then, maybe not.

The same capos that orchestrate the Qwest Field crowd could do the same for Sam's Army and Jurgen Klinsmann's team. I'd really like that.

I wouldn't understand it. But I don't need to. Kind of like America, no?

- Jacob Klinger


Timmy said...

Cameron looks like a natural at that defensive center mid position. I can't believe not a single person thought to play him there previously.

Greg Seltzer said...

Heh. Yeah, what a notion that would have been. ;)

Tee said...

Oh, come on, Houston fans have seen Geoff play in that position many, many times. I think we all knew that was his best position.

dikranovich said...

this seems like a good time to give some credit to our national team coach.

this team looked about as finely tuned as any us national team has ever looked.

im a little disappointed in twellmen for trying to give the credit to the strauss article

Greg Seltzer said...

If it makes you feel any better, I have given Klinsi a 10 in my US ratings, soon to be up at MLSS.

dikranovich said...

I think it will make everyone feel better.

this team is starting to look like something with a little purpose.

we have to credit coach klinsmann for knowing the right buttons to push, and it all just makes you know that Donovan is going to come back and give it his all, and then some.

wbonw said...

AMAZING ATMOSPHERE! American Outlaws (Seattle) upped their game!

Timmy said...

Tee - Perhaps, but I believe I've seen only one journalist suggest he play there for the national team. Everyone else has said CB or RB. In fact, when he came on for Jones against Jamaica, a well known (and very good) writer suggested he might be coming in to play RB with Evans moving up to CM, a thought that made me actually laugh out loud.

Unknown said...

That crowd almost brought me to tears. It was a beautiful thing to watch. You made us all proud, Seattle (and others).

WonderKin said...

I feel dumb saying this, and maybe it's because I am dumb, but I never realized how athletic Cameron was until tonight. I have rarely had the opportunity when watching him with stoke or USMNT (I admittedly only recently started watching MLS) to see him just flat out sprint 50 yards... and he is big and fast. We look very athletic as a team in general, with the exception of Brad Evans... which might be ok.

Jermaine who? haha yes I know... blasphemy!

UnitedDemon said...

@ wonderkin,

I'm with you on Jones sitting for Honduras, at least. Rushing him back from a concussion after THAT is ridiculous.

Cameron... geez, his performance floored me. I don't know how you cover for Bradley AND make the plays he did. All of it was effortless. I'm a believer.

Miguelito B said...

I am a usual Klinsi detractor, but you've got to give him credit for the lineup and approach to this one. Really clicked, and team looked great.

Loved the "We are going to Brazil" song.

A win against Honduras puts us in a great spot. We'll have either a 5 or 6 point cushion on 4th place, depending on other results, with 4 games remaining.