Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Slogic-al move (updated)

Rising Cornell senior and Reading United center back Patrick Slogic is off to Austria to train with an unnamed club. 

The full journalistic enchilada, for now.

He's actually been the team's No. 3 center back, but for a guy his size (6-5, 185 pounds) he moves all right and dominates in the air as well as he should. 

Slogic, who is a Colorado Rapids academy alum, will be back stateside in a fortnight.

UPDATE: Also, several Reading players will be training with the Union this week and next.

- Jacob Klinger


Phil McCracken said...

Jacob - Do you think that any of the Reading players have a chance at landing a contract with the Union?

Also, given the Union's need for help along the back line, why didn't they bring in Sweat for a training stint?

Unknown said...

@Mr. McCracken Yes, though it can't happen immediately for the six training down there in the next two weeks as they're all college guys who would have to be drafted.

That said, the Union do have homegrown claims on five current Reading players: ST/Winger Darius Madison, CB/RB/LB Shane Campbell, CM/DF Keegan Rosenberry as well as MF Billy McConnell snd FW Melvin Snoh, whom I've never seen play.

The Union can't sign Sweat this summer, but I wouldn't be surprised if he got a run in training down there when he gets back from Sweden. They'll obviously have him thoroughly scouted for next year's SuperDraft.

Also, Burke estimates they'll send about 10 total guys down to train with the Union this summer. This group's pretty loaded

Phil McCracken said...

Thanks, Jacob.

Unknown said...


dikranovich said...

I just saw the worst movie of all time and I do mean the worst. its called the darkest hour, but really it should have been called the darkest hour and a half. this was a real emile Hirsch stinker.

thank god for transpotting, it was two channels down and I can get my movie groove back on.

Unknown said...

Glad you're back and groovin.