Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Because, sometimes, "-ish" is the best we can get

I'd love to give you all the meal deal, but we're dining on scraps a little longer as it pertains to Josh Gatt's knee injury. About two weeks after the setback, Molde FK finally let go that he will miss the remainder of their season (which ends in November, mind you).... and basically nothing else. Perhaps they've been busy running away from my phone calls, texts and emails, I don't know. What I have gleaned so far is 1) they might not yet actually know the full prognosis, 2) the young winger is in decent enough spirits and eager to fight back, in part because 3) we should not quite count him out in the World Cup 2014 player pool.

Once I manage some proper details, there will be an MLSS report on short order. For now, he's done for the campaign (which includes the chance to reach the Champions League group phase) and that's all we can know.

- Greg Seltzer


dikranovich said...

It would be less of a miracle than Charlie Davies making the 2010 team, but it would be a miricle nonetheless. Season ends in nov starts back up in march and he gets s couple months to make his case? He should focus on worrying about what it will take to get back and be even better and work towards 2018 in mother Russia

Greg Seltzer said...

Oh, you have the final prognosis and all applicable details necessary to judge that then? Do share.