Tuesday, July 2, 2013

English Premier League Be$t XI

With the transfer window very much all up on us, the immediacy of money and rumo(u)rs combined with a couple months of post-season reflection merit this imaginary team sheet.

What I tried to do was select the Premier League player in each position who most improved his transfer value this season. I tried to keep it real. For instance, Jan Vertonghen showed what a world-class defender he is, but it's hard to see him going anywhere, especially if Gareth Bale goes.

Also keep in mind that this is how I would value these guys if I were a manager, technical director or director of football over there and that no league makes more baffling personnel and financial decisions than the subject of this post.

OK, unleash the vultures.

- Jacob Klinger


Wenger Knows said...

Benteke over RVP? Come on, man!

The traitor is the best player in England.

Wenger Knows said...

Oh nevermind. I didn't even read your intro. I'm a jackass.

Considering how cheap Michu was, he'd be a strong candidate for this team.

Suarez had an insane year, but everyone kinda already knew he was top class.

. said...

I would be thrilled if Fulham got someone to pony up for Ruiz. Momentary flashes of brilliance followed by a month worth of nothing.

Unknown said...

Haha, it's OK. Michu nearly made it, I just really like Ruiz.

Suarez makes it because it looks like he can actually be bought now.

Jay said...

Michu was kind of found out the second half of the season. My call: he stays with Swansea, his production dips, and his transfer value plummets.