Monday, July 1, 2013

Offside Flag Parade

I will have more to come with actual facts on the wildly alleged chases for a couple of these guys, but for now, let's just wave various media plays offside with feeling.

  • For the moment, I am going to do nothing more than definitively cross out certain names that have recently been linked with a move for Jozy Altidore. Ready, set, go: Cardiff, Celtic, Fulham (second time now I've waved this off) and Norwich. Seriously, you all should know that any report claiming Altidore might head to Celtic is telling pork pies... mmm, pooooork piiiiiies

    I can also confirm that Napoli and Schalke remain a bit smitten, but are completely out of the race for now.
  • Yes, FC Twente showed some interest in Alejandro Bedoya, but no he is not in any way close to moving there.
  • The "common knowledge" out of Germany seems to be that Hoffenheim will again loan out Joseph Gyau. However, I'm told that is not necessarily the case. He will start the preseason with Hoffenheim and we'll see how it goes. Translation: It looks like he's fighting for a Bundesliga job now.

Much, much more still to come, so get your goodie dances warmed up.

- Greg Seltzer


RobUsry said...

You've turned into quite the party pooper lately. I want some rumors. Pretend you are from the UK and make some stuff up.

Greg Seltzer said...

I told ya it's coming!

To said...

seriously, I need some goodies Greg. Any news on What Omar Gonzalez might do at seasons end when his contract is up?? thanks, and keep up the good work.

tom said...

Dammit, I want to hear some good news:-(

heythisisrobbie said...

Tom, this is great news. The fact that Gyau has the opportunity to claim a spot at Hoffenheim is huge.