Sunday, July 14, 2013

Smoked slowly

It took a while, but the U.S. woke up and picked apart Cuba 4-1 Saturday afternoon at the Rio Tinto, sealing a place in the July 21 quarterfinals in Baltimore.

Costa Rica's up next, Tuesday in East Hartford, Conn., with Group C on the line.

Sadly, the NPSL plays through the Gold Cup, so I was unable to see the game in its entirety. However, Greg did.

Also, moving pictures:

- Jacob Klinger


dikranovich said...

yak, it looks like the second place team from group c (the USA group)will take on B1, that's the group winner from group b, which looks set to be Honduras.

the group C winner gets the third place team from either group A or group B. interesting, belize or cuba have a reasonable chance of advancing, but only if one of them wins their third group game, and of course they play each other.

prediction: USA wins the group and play Martinique in the second game next sunday at the ravens stadium.

then again, mexico could draw Canada, Martinique could beat panama, and next sunday could be an el tri treat, with some very nice Maryland blue crab meat.

word to the wise, Maryland blue crabs are best accompanied with vinegar, not butter. and of course old bay, and yes, fries.

dikranovich said...

sorry, I stand corrected, mexico meet Martinique and and panama play Canada. either way, mexico could slip to A3 and get a quarter finals date with the USA. we will know more in about 12 hours

Unknown said...

Indeed we will. Don't forget though, the DMV is where I was born and partially raised. I know my way around crab.