Sunday, August 25, 2013

Danish Baba (updated)

Viborg defender Babajide Ogunbiyi netted from a 67th minute corner kick as the capper in their 3-1 win over Esbjerg. It was his first career Superliga goal, his first for the Greens since April 2011 and also now I've made myself hungry for cinnamon yeast cake with cream cheese filling - if such a thing even exists.

UPDATE: The play for his towering header starts at about 1:30.

- Greg Seltzer


dikranovich said...

I guess it is a slow work week when Greg is talking about grandmothers pastries.

Greg Seltzer said...

Are you nuts? There's always time for grandma's pastries. Duh.

dikranovich said...

Yeah, tell me about it, I'm surrounded by babas over here in Bulgaria. I've put on at least a good five, six, lbs.