Thursday, August 22, 2013

Donovan Sings - Part Deux

Clubs can want him all they please, but it's up to Landon Donovan in the end. This week, even if he may not have entirely before, he sounds like a guy aiming to stay with the Galaxy. Some have suggested he's been angling for a better extension deal all along, and many of those would surely know better than me. Still, I find it interesting this has quickly become a recurring big story, as if something in the situation is coming to an inevitable head.

I don't know that's the case, mind you, just a gut vibe. So don't go tweet that I stated a major revelatory plot twist is imminent or anything.

- Greg Seltzer


Jon said...

Is Landycakes going to settle again or will he test his metal against the best?

dallen said...


Oh, sorry, I read Jon's post and nodded off.

Zach said...

Can't wait for ten years down the road, when MLS is booming, and Jon says "The league wouldn't be where it is if it wasn't for Landon"

Jon said...

@Zack, that implies MLS needs Landon for the next 10 years. It doesn't.

I have enough confidence in MLS that it would do just fine with or without Landon going forward.

And apparently, that's more confidence in the league than you have. Appears you think Landon needs to hold Garber's hand and MLS will fall apart without Landon.

Zach said...

Wow, you (incorrectly) inferred a lot from that one sentence of mine.

In no way did I imply MLS NEEDS Landon, now or for the next 10 years. I said he should be/ will be more appreciated when the league hits its stride in the coming years, for all the contributions he made while the league was still very much in its early growth stages. History will reflect much more kindly on Landon's decision to stay home and grow this league.

Greg, do you think Landon will make more if he signs for a Euro team than he would if he signs with MLS again?