Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Extra Time: Aron Jóhannsson

Not to turn this into AJ Central, but I've a couple stray quotes from yesterday's MLSS interview feature with the newest USMNT ace.

On rallying to beat champions/nearby rivals Ajax on Sunday:

"It's delightful, especially to get the first points on the board in the league. It's important for us, for our confidence."

On the reason AZ manager Gertjan Verbeek, no stranger to acts of peculiar genius, positions him above the area on corner kicks:

"That's just what he thinks is best for me and I like to be there, as well. If a ball comes out of the box, I'm ready to put it in the goal. I think it's possible to get a few goals that way this season."

- Greg Seltzer

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Paul Poenicke said...

Greg, Jóhannsson’s comments concerning his decision leaves the reader with the impression that, quite sanely, the poor guy just wants to get on the pitch and forget about the controversy. Did Klinsmann’s suggestion that Jóhannsson was being looked at for January’s camp seem to be another case of Klinsmann over sharing, or speaking more candidly than one expects for a national team coach? Klinsmann allows himself more freedom to speak his mind than many in the sporting world, whether reporters, players, and coaches, find necessary or helpful. (Jürgen and Hope Solo seem to have their verbal regulars set on ‘low.’) I see Klinsmann’s verbal barrages as primarily resulting from brute honesty, along with periodic player and team motivation, expressions of real emotion, and bizarre non sequiturs. (For the latter, see Klinsmann’s comments to ASN on including Johnson and Evans, when other MLS players were not called up: “In the cases of Eddie Johnson and Brad Evans, it wasn’t possible. We badly needed them to be competitive against Bosnia.” Really? Position wise, I can see a “need,” but not a significant, “bad” need.)